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From My Pad to Yours


Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I don’t know were to start. First of all for someone who keeps a blog and has a deep love for nerds and nerdy things Jessica isn’t very techy (understatement). I swear everything she touched the week I was with her broke, or started to act up. It is embarrassing how much trouble she had with Flicker, she promises to add photos to this post...they are on the camera, but will she be able to get them off?

Stats for the week:

O Home cooked meals, the closes we came was fruit.

1 rocking new hair cut…she got bangs and knows how to use them.

1 new pair of ass jeans.

2 shopping trips to find the perfect outfit for a date, and after the perfect outfit was bought she didn’t even wear it…she wore something else.

2 parties

2 green (my favorite color) dresses bought. One for the engagement party and one is a bride’s maids dress.

3 dates with 3 different guys, 2 of them were good…and 1 not so good.

3 new piercing. (ouch! but so worth it.)

3 painful days with out the internet, and even longer it you count the days where it was SO SLOW.

3.5 the average number of hours slept during the work week.

5 warts removed (and frogs get the bad wrap for being warty).

5 stops to find a piercing place that was open late on a week night…and we didn’t find one. So I guess that the real number is 6 because we went back the next day.

6 Starbucks stops.

Unknown oz. of Diet Coke, Go-Girl, and caffeine digested.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Digging domesticity in the south.

I arrived in Augusta, GA just one day after then end of the Master’s Golf Tournament so everything had pretty much returned to normal. Apparently I JUST missed quite an event. Upon my arrival, I was immediately given a thorough sniffing by Belle and Luna, PaintingChef’s furry children. I guess they decided I wasn’t there to steal their food, hugs, or toys because they seemed to be fine with me so we sat down to hammer out some ground rules.

I spent most of the time I was there hanging out with PaintingChef and her husband, watching them cook dinner and harass each other. Those two are kind of crazy; you wouldn’t believe the things they find to talk about. I also watched PaintingChef throw some paint around. Believe it or not, she really does paint! I chilled with the dog on the bed during the day while the people were at work. In the evenings we would be outside in the yard watching the neighborhood kids play with Belle. They’re crazy about that dog for some reason. It was all very domestic and uneventful but sometimes that’s the good stuff.

I did take a ride down to the Augusta National where they have the Masters. We tried to stop and take a picture but were threatened with incarceration and I’m pretty sure there isn’t bail money in this box of mine. So we moved on.

PaintingChef can make a mean margarita and I definitely had my share of those. Wow...I sure do hope I’m 21...

Things got a little crazy around the house after I’d been there a week so I decided to hang around and make sure that everyone was going to be fine. You’d be amazed at the calming effects my snazzy leather jacket and fuzzy skin have on a crazy hormonal lady! And for my efforts, I was rewarded with a kicky flower lei. I look kind of hot in it if you must know...

But I’m now on my way to sunny California to see Jessica Mazie. I can’t wait!! Does she live close to Hollywood? I think I'd make a great movie star...
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Monday, May 01, 2006

Umm.... hello

Hello from your Blog Frog Director. Thank you for your emails. Yes, I realize that it's been almost a month since someone has posted. And yes, I realize that you would all like your turns. I am very sorry for the delay. Please know that I am doing the best job I can - but some things are out of my control. I tell people who to mail Crazy Legs to... I ask them to only take a week because the list is long... I email and remind them to be considerate of those waiting. I have been in contact with Painting Chef, and she assures me that she's on top of it. Her life just happened to get extremely crazy right when the frog got there. Life happens sometimes, so please try to be patient. We'll get things rolling again soon....
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