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From My Pad to Yours


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On Wednesday Night I arrived in PA at Flutter's house, I was very releaved to be out of the box and seeing light again. Here I am sitting on her dining room table. She said her dad would have said tables are for glasses not a**es, but good thing it is Flutters house she said I could sit on the table.
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With my most valued belongings!
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Finally arrived in Austin where I got to relax after a very long flight!
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On Saturday night we went to Cuba Libre for the big blog blowout! Here I am finally getting a drink...thank goodness!
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Here I am with all the bloggers at the blowout!
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Here I am enjoying a beer with Lucky and TKW
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While in Texas Flutter got me this great texas pin!
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The ladies could not get enough of me...here I am with the football widow and kami  Posted by Picasa
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Finally heading home to Philadelphia after a very busy weekend! Those girls know how to party! Posted by Picasa
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Monday, February 13, 2006

Goodbye Florida!

Me & Wicked
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
I had a great time with Wicked and her crazy family and her crazy Chorus friends. Here she is giving me a last squeeze before sending me off to my next adventure. It never did warm up very much in Florida. Oh well, I enjoyed myself anyway.

Now I'm off to the big Blogger Blowout 2006 in Austin Texas. I can only imagine the kind of trouble I can get myself into over a long weekend with nothin' but Bloggers. I'll see you all soon.
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Alltel Stadium

Alltel Stadium
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
Here I am being eaten by a huge Jaguar. I thought I'd be safe since I had my new Jaguar sweatshirt, but I was wrong.
Help me!!!
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My Clone & Me

Henry & Me
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
Here's how my clone turned out. Yeh, we got along really well. Henry is the best Clone any frog could have. I wish him well.
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Sunday, February 12, 2006


My Clone
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
Holy Cow!

I never thought I'd see the day that someone would want to clone little ol' me, but I guess I am a pretty charismatic guy.

Wicked's son was so impressed with my travels that he thought it would be fun to start a blog buddy too. He wants to send his buddy Henry "Gangsta" Lee to his bestfriend in Atlanta and then to his cousin in Las Vegas. Now that's a city I'd like to see. I could get into a lot of trouble in Sin City. I've actually become pretty good friends with Henry. He's a damn good lookin' Frog.
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Henry & Crazy Legs
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
We could totally use this twin thing to pick up chicks (or bunnies).
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pickin' up a hottie
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
I met this sexy little number at the Build-a-Bear. Her name was Jessica. I told her I'd call, but you know how crazy the life of a travelin' frog is. Love em' and leave em' is my MO. Sorry sweetheart.
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Downtown J'ville

Downtown J'ville
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
I had a little bit of a hangover this morning, but we stopped downtown anyway and I'm glad we did. We had a nice view of the city from the terrace at one of Wicked's friends downtown apartments. She said that we would run by Alltel Stadium tomorrow to see where Super Bowl XXXIX was held last year. I'm really getting into this football thing. I'm sorry that I was traveling and missed the Super Bowl this year. I was glad to see that my Steelers won. I'll always be partial to my hometown Steelers, but it's great to get some sweatshirts of the teams who's cities I've visited. I'm becoming quite the collector.
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First Coast Chorus Dinner

me & a 'friend'
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
I went to dinner with Wicked's Chorus on Friday night. I met a nice Cow and we had some drinks.

I don't remember too much after a whole bottle of Chianti, but Wicked told me that I had a great time with someone named "Jim".

Maybe it's best that I don't remember.
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unconditional love
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.

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Call me Sally
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.

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mexican drinks

mexican drinks
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
I knew I liked Mexican restaurants for a reason. We went south of the border for lunch on friday with Lea and Wicked. I got two bloggers for the price of one.
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mexican lunch
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

eye test
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
What better to see the cute Optometrist Assistants with. :)
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20/20 vision

Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
Wicked was headed to the Optometrist after work and I decided to get a check up myself. You'll be glad to know that I have perfect vision.
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Thursday, February 09, 2006

surfs up
Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
I told you the waves sucked. I think the waves were knee high to me and I'm only 2 ft. tall.
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Jacksonville Beach

Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
Wicked took me to the Beach on her lunch hour. It's nothing to write home about, but it does have water and sand. Thank goodness I didn't really want to do any surfing because there was absolutely no waves. Hopefully someday I will be able to make it to Hawaii for some real surf.
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Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
I've found my new vice. Wicked has turned me into an addict.
Screw liquor, bring on the caffeine!
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
I do love me some GREEN!
Wicked just happens to work at a Bank and she let me play in the vault for a little while before anyone else got to work. There's just something about rolling around naked in a pile full of cash that made me feel as green as the day I was born. If you ever get a chance to do the same, I highly recommend it.
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Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
Wicked has introduced me to the wonderful world of Starbucks. If only they had a fly flavored latte, I'd be all set.
It's actually pretty cold down here. Wicked keeps telling me that I brought the cold with me. I'm not really sure, but I know I'm getting tired of having to bundle up all the time.
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
What's up with the Oranges and the Pecan Logs? Does everyone in Florida keep a surplus of typical Floridian fare just in case frogs from out of state hop in? Well after a long cold trip from ND a nice juicy orange was just what I needed. I could have used some Vodka to go along with it, but that will just have to wait until this weekend.
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Hello Florida

Originally uploaded by Crazy Legs O'Houlihan.
I made it to Florida and immediately found the beverages that Wicked thought she hid under the counter. I will be revisiting this cabinet several times before I leave.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wow, what a boring part of the world!

I spent yesterday and Monday at home with the house to myself. Just had to watch out for those cats! Adrienne and Ryan were at work and even when Ryan got home, Adrienne was still having to go to school!

Today should prove to be at least slightly more interesting: Adrienne needs to ship the computer she sold on eBay today, so she brought me along to guard it while it waits in the car until she can ship it after work. So today I get to go to...
-The UPS store
-The Post Office to mail something else
-The bank to trade in a whole assload of rolls of pennies for dollar bills
-The apartment rental office to pay A & R's rent.

Adrienne said if I'm good, and the temperature gets above 25 degrees, she'll even take me THROUGH THE CAR WASH! The excitement never ends...

Yes, they lead an interesting life here in North Dakota. Three out of the 4.5 days I've been here, it's been significantly snowing and the one day it wasn't, it was very windy and cold. I'll have some photos later of whatever we may do.

I plan to move on from here at the end of the week, off to sunny Florida, FINALLY. I guess I won't need that scarf Adrienne's making me, but I'll keep in anyway because I'm sure my travels will take me up north again!
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