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From My Pad to Yours


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Keeping Cool in the Arctic Circle

Sorry for the long delay for news of my Maine travels -- it has been a whirlwind 10 days with MarthaWho and her family. These people definitely kept me on my webbed toes.

MarthaWho and Mr. MarthaWho are performing in a play in Portland in a month so I've been a stowaway to a few rehearsals, and I've lent a green hand in helping them memorize their music and practice their dance steps. They were definitely shocked to learn that I am such an accomplished thespian myself. I did cut my teeth hopping around in those cruise ship shows and then there was that time I was the understudy to Kermit. So close to greatness I was... then again, the big Kerm doesn't have the blog presence I do ...

After rehearsals we'd reconvene late night to watch Tivo'd episodes of MW's favorite reality TV shows. It was my first large scale introduction to the onslaught of reality crap on TV. I do have to confess I kind of dig the wet jungle rainforest atmosphere in Survivor -- I saw a few of my colorful relatives from time to time in the nature shots which was way cool, and the bikini-clad ladies were nice eye candy too. My favorite reality program was American Idol, but that was until I learned last night that Mandisa got the boot. I thought she was safe when I voted 8 times for Chris. Major bummer.

When not treading the boards with the MW's, I spent some quality time outdoors taking in the beautiful surroundings. Maine has a lot of open speaces and the MW's have a river in their back yard. I was envisioning an evening of kicking back in a pint-size adirondack chair and sipping a few flytini's... but my visit did not correspond with the right season as you'll see from the photos to be posted.

All in all, Maine was nice -- but on my last day -- a full two weeks after the start of spring, and long after all of the winters' snow melted, we had a blizzard! Can you believe that? There was a full 2 inches of snow on the ground when MW packed me up for my next ride. This state is too cold for my thin blood -- needless to say I am glad to be moving south to Georgia, next. Bring on the sunshine, Painting Chef, because I am on my way!

(PS: Photos are uploading and as soon as MW figures out how to post them to the blog we'll post again later today!)
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