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From My Pad to Yours


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Day 2 in North Dakota

I'd hoped today would be more interesting than yesterday... and I guess it was. Just a bit.

This morning Adrienne and I got to sleep in while Ryan was off to work! When we finally got up and around, it was still snowing, so we just kinda sat around. Finally I rejoiced when she offered me a beer for lunch! "Booze is good food," she told me. This bliss was too good to be true though - after I got my beer, she put me to work stamping and licking envelopes for hers and Ryan's "save the date" cards.

Blog Frog!

When Ryan got home, they decided I should see some sights, so we drove around a little until they realized that a) the weather was bad and b) there are really no sights to see in Grand Forks. Adrienne didn't have time to knit me a scarf (something about being a full time grad student who also has a job and who also is planning a wedding?), but she let me borrow one of hers for the drive. Here I am with the Grand Forks sign... Thank goodness Adrienne's Saab has those heated seats.

Blog Frog

The best part is that after all that driving around in the cold and snow, Ryan and Adrienne took me to Qdoba and we got some kickass burritos to take home with us. Spent the evening chowing down on burritos, watching MST3K (that's Mystery Science Theatre 3000, for you non-fans) and Sealab 2021 DVDs. I don't think the sun shines in this part of the country, but this life ain't so bad... as long as I can stay indoors!

Blog Frog!
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Saturday, January 28, 2006

I finally made it to the great white north!

So I showed up here in Grand Forks, North Dakota today, at the home of Adrienne of morechickenandtuna.net and Ryan of zombie underground. They and their horde of cats have really made me at home in their little apartment.

The blog frog!

It's cold here and it's been snowing so hard, the power went out within an hour of my arrival! I'm glad I packed a blanket because this is NOT leather jacket weather! Of course, they don't have a Build A Bear or any kind of store that sells clothes to fit me (they don't have any cool stores here at all), but Adrienne said she'd knit me some mittens and a scarf before I have to go outside.

The blog frog!

It doesn't help that pretty much as soon as I got settled on the couch, Adrienne had to take off my shoes and hide them from the demon kitten, who was ready to rip the laces apart! Maybe I should ask for some socks, too.

The blog frog!

Tonight we watched some movies and they settled me in to a really cool chair. Adrienne said she found it in a dumpster in Eugene, Oregon. It doesn't smell or anything! I might even sleep in this chair. Adrienne gave me the littler of her two Powerbooks to use to update this blog, which is sure nice of her, but she told me not to mess it up or anything because she's selling it on eBay right now.

Well, it's time for bed now. These people go to bed SO EARLY! (I think it has something to do with Ryan having to be at work by 6 a.m.) Tomorrow we're going to have to go out looking for some beer for me - they don't sell beer in the grocery stores here due to the law, and Frogs aren't allowed to just waltz in to the liquor stores.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rescue me!

Hey folks, just checking in. I'm not really sure where I am right now, stuck in a box somewhere between ScottyGee's and Adrienne's place. I think maybe I'm in some kind of holding cell at the local post office. I sure wish she'd come and get me, this is getting boring!
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Monday, January 16, 2006

It's the South Y'all

This week has been pretty fun. I got to see where the Carolina Hurricanes play and see the NC State football field. I have also learned that UNC sucks. I have no idea why, but apparently they do. I think their sheep mascot is kind of cute though.

I also went down the the capital building in downtown Raleigh. It's amazing that the state of NC actually has a government. You could have fooled me! You know, I wanted to play the lottery while I was here, but was informed that there was no lottery here because gambling was the work of the Devil. Seriously though, I think they are getting a lottery in a couple months. I tried to march on the capital for the sake of frogs rights, but security turned me back. Frog Equality!

After a long week of sightseeing, I decided to chill out and knock back a few beers and cheer on the Steelers and the Panthers, both of which won their games. I loved watching Peyton Manning choke yet again. The Steel Curtain was in full effect, yo! The Panthers kicked some Bear behind too. A hint for the Panthers: throw to Steve Smith every play! He'll catch it!

I am outta here tomorrow to destination unknown. It's been fun here in Raleigh. It's been 65 all week and they call this a winter! I hope I am going someplace warm! Thanks to everyone here who made it fun. I even enjoyed sitting on the bench at a hockey game! Peace out, homefrogs!
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Monday, January 09, 2006

Who wants some sweet tea?

Hey everyone! Crazy Legs here. I arrived in the strangely warm and un-winterlike state of North Carolina on Saturday. It's so warm here that I even got to shed my leather jacket and go au natural for the first time in a long time. I was tempted to go for a swim upon arrival, but thought better of it when I dipped a flipper into Falls Lake.

I am here with ScottyGee in the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh. It's a lot better than I thought it would be. In my head I pictured a bunch of overall wearing yokels racing around in beat up cars spray painted to match their favorite NASCAR drivers. It's not like that at all. Well, not entirely. It's very pretty, clean and laid back. The kind of place a frog could get used to.

Saturday night I took it easy after my trip. I just lounged around with Scott and Dory. I think someone slipped a roofie in my fly cocktail because most of the night was a blur and I woke up on Sunday to Dory licking me. I felt a little violated.

After a quick breakfast, Scott announced that I would be accompanying him to his hockey practice. It was too damn early for hockey, but he insisted. Once inside the Mini and rolling down the road, I realized Scott thinks that all Minis need to drive like they do in the Italian Job, so I grabbed a helmet, held on for dear life and tried not to croak.

Scott is definitely not a morning person. He looked half asleep as seen below. That may explain all the swerving during the ride to the rink.

After a couple hours of hockey, I decided to try playing a little goalie. I figured the webbed hands would work as well as a goalie mit, but man was I wrong! It really helps to have a soft skull when pucks are flying at your face. After that ordeal we headed out to breakfast with some of the guys. Nothing like a worm and fly omelet. Mmmm.

The rest of the day we spent on or hind quarters watching the Carolina Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers whup up on their opponents. Nothing pleases a frog more than seeing Eli manning completely fail. Muahahhaa. Go Panthers!

Late at night I realized that Scotty had a sweet looking video game system. It was indeed an Xbox 360. Frogger has never looked better. We cracked a couple of brews and gamed for a bit. I must have got a good buzz on because I don't remember doing what you see in the photo below, but apparently I was really fond of that Xbox. So much so that I tried to make it my tadpole's momma. I feel so ashamed.

That's about it for now. Scott assures me there will be sight seeing and a couple hockey games in the near future. So I am looking forward to that. Right now, I think I'll go hang with Dory and try to figure out why Pete is so into her.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Travel Log Update

Crazy Legs has left Philadelphia and is headed to Raleigh! Here's his mileage so far:

Philadelphia, PA to Rocklin, CA - 2786 miles
Rocklin, CA to Seattle, WA - 771 miles
Seattle, WA to Troutdale, OR - 183 miles
Troutdale, OR to Allen, TX -2112 miles
Allen, TX to Antioch, CA -1741 miles
Antioch, CA to Salt Lake City, UT - 718 miles
Salt Lake City, UT to Collinsville, IL - 1337 miles
Collinsville, IL to Atlanta, GA - 540 miles
Atlanta, GA to Denver, CO - 1406 miles
Denver, CO to Philadelphia, PA - 1732 miles
Philadelphia, PA to Raleigh, NC - 405 miles

Total miles traveled -13,731
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Monday, January 02, 2006



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Charlotte and I are still trying to sleep off that champagne from New Year's Eve, Sue snuck up and took this picture of us. I'd be embarrassed, but I'm just too tired!
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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome, 2006!

Welcome, 2006!
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Too much champagne

Too much champagne
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My head hurts!

My head hurts!
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Man, what a party! I knew that if I stuck it out through the gay cowboy movie, Charlotte and Sue would eventually come through with hot babes and booze. Click here to see some of my adventures from last night!
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