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From My Pad to Yours


Saturday, December 31, 2005

Home again

Ahh... it's great to be home! (I'm sure that will last a day or two - and then I'll be ready to hit the road again) I had to make a quick stop to ditch some of my luggage... the box was getting pretty full. Don't worry - I'm not throwing ANYTHING away. I just figured there was no sense in hauling my Halloween costume and that embarrassing Christmas gear around until next year. Charlotte&Sue have promised to keep all of my things in a safe place until I wander home to pick them up. They also got me a new box, which is great because mine was looking a little raggedy. I'm going to hang out here for their New Year's Eve party, and then I'll be on my way to ScottyGee's place. I'm excited to hang with him!
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Oh, goody. Shopping.

Oh, goody. Shopping.
Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.
I'm an open minded frog, but this is NOT what I had in mind when I heard I was coming home for a day or two. Crate and Barrel? Come on - you're going to ruin my rep!
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How embarrassing!

How embarrassing!
Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.
Then they took me to the movies, which normally I enjoy. When I heard we were seeing a flick about gay cowboys, I insisted on putting on my manliest gear. I love all of the jewelry people have given me, but I had to take it off for tonight. You can never be too careful!
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Could be worse....

Could be worse....
Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.
At least they hooked me up with some snacks. And there's a hottie in the row in front of us checking me out. I hope that I don't see anyone I know...
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Monday, December 26, 2005

Goodbye Denver, Hello PA

The Molly Brown House & Museum

The City Park Statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science (So that's where I came from!!)

The State Capitol

The Denver Skyline

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Rocky Mountain Higher!!

BigHeavy knows what a frog likes!! I may be staying here for a while longer!!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rocky Mountain High!!

I made it safely to BigHeavy's in Denver, CO!!
Here we are in front of Invesco Field at Mile High where the Denver Broncos do their magic. I'm the one with the reindeer antlers on. I wish BigHev would quit laughing every time he looks at me. Sue and Charlotte, I'll be home soon.
Well, one thing about being with BH, I won't starve!!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Tree

Originally uploaded by seahorse_.
Me, Bunny and SHK standing in front of the big Christmas tree in Centennial Olympic Park. Blogger is not letting me upload photos, so I'm using flickr.
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Here's me and Bunny at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia. We had a great day there Sunday walking around and looking at all of the sights. And I have more pictures to post, but right now blogger is acting up (like it was yesterday) and I'm having a hard time posting them. It took me almost 30 minutes just to make this post. I promise I will try back later today. And no, Brittany and Mckayla, I haven't forgotten about you guys. More later...
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Monday, December 12, 2005

I silently prayed...

For someone to save me from Bunny before she humiliated me any further. Can it get any worse than me, in a ballerina costume? Don't answer that...
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Here's Bunny and I....

Bunny and I decorated one of Mel's Christmas trees all by ourselves. Bunny held me up high so I could reach the top. And no, she didn't put me down once.
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Here's me, Bunny and SHK getting ready for bed. I'm exhausted after spending the day with Bunny. Let's hope Big Heavy doesn't have kids. I need a beer and a cigarette.

We went to Centennial Olympic Park on Sunday, so I'll post pics of that tomorrow.
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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Finally! I made it to Mel's house...

I arrived at Mel's house on Thursday afternoon. We got to visit for awhile, but I was so tired that I went to bed early. Then Friday morning, we dropped off the kids at school and went shopping all day. Here's me and Mel when we picked up the kids from school. Bunny took the picture.

p.s. The link to Mel's website is HERE. BUT, Mel's website is NOT kid friendly...so don't go over there if you're under 18. Thank you.
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We went to the grocery store. Bunny and I became fast friends. Here we are at Publix. Yeah, I know, my trip to Atlanta isn't that exciting yet. But trust me, it gets better.
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Later Friday evening...

Me, Mel, Bunny and SHK went to the movies to see "The Chronicles of Narnia", and just let me say one thing....It Rocked!!! What an awesome movie! The special effects were great, so I recommend if you have kids that you go see this movie. It's most definitely a magical experience. Here's me and Bunny at the movie theater. We're waiting in line to get popcorn and M & M's...

More tales of my adventures in Atlanta tomorrow...
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Crazy Legs Passes 10,000 miles mark!

Well, Crazy Legs is off to warmer weather! He has left Illinois and is headed to Georgia.

Here is where he's been so far:

Philadelphia, PA to Rocklin, CA - 2786 miles
Rocklin, CA to Seattle, WA - 771 miles
Seattle, WA to Troutdale, OR - 183 miles
Troutdale, OR to Allen, TX -2112 miles
Allen, TX to Antioch, CA -1741 miles
Antioch, CA to Salt Lake City, UT - 718 miles
Salt Lake City, UT to Collinsville, IL - 1337 miles
Collinsville, IL to Atlanta, GA - 540 miles

Total miles: 10,188
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Friday, December 02, 2005

Today we drove into St. Louis to get a look at the new baseball stadium where the Cardinals will now call home. There's me hanging out with Albert Pujols, which was fun, but I prefer to hang out with amphibians more than with birds. He was cool though. At least he didn't use his bat to go frog-giggin'.

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Uh, yeah, looks like I'm gonna need that drink sooner than I thought.

How humiliating!
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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ho boy, apparently everyone seems to think I enjoy riding on carousels. Well, okay, so it does make me hoppy...I mean happy....especially when I have good company.

Hey, it may not be a Harley but at least it has horsepower.

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While at the mall, the riled up girl (RUG) decided I smelled a little too much like swamp water so she gave me a bath. It was pretty darn relaxing. Wish she woulda taken my clothes off first though. I was a bit soggy.
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