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From My Pad to Yours


Friday, September 30, 2005

The poll results are in... and in case you didn't figure it out, the winner is:


He's a fine Irish fella with a taste for the lasses and a good pint of ale.

He received 63 votes (53%), and the runner up was Grog with 23 votes (19%). I can't wait to read about (and see!) all of his adventures!!
Charlotte in Pa, 4:53 PM | link | 1 comments |
Get your BLOGFROGGED button!

blogfrogged button
Charlotte in Pa, 2:41 AM | link | 4 comments |

Crazy Legs O'Houlihan the Blog Frog made it to California today.

He's had a long trip and was super tired when he got here. After he showed us all the stuff he brought with him, we settled him down with a nice beer.

Shaun and I laughed at his adorable accent. Irish frogs are so fun to talk to!

He's going to go to school with Alyx and help her fight crime on the playground.

Charlotte in Pa, 2:08 AM | link | 3 comments |

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm on my way to visit Kristine and Shaun over at Random and Odd. (Blogger wouldn't let me link them. Grrr!) I'd like to put something in the sidebar to keep track of total miles traveled - anyone know how to do that? By my calculations, this journey will be approximately 2777 miles!

For those of you who signed up, please know that we have OVER 40 people on the list, so... it might take awhile for me to get to you! Also, please try to keep your turn to a week or less - just so everyone can have a chance. I know that I'm cute, but you have to share. Thanks! I figure that with travel time added in, it's going to take over a year to get through the list that we have right now... and people keep signing up!
Charlotte in Pa, 3:51 PM | link | 15 comments |

Visitor's Center

Visitor's Center
Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.
Getting Philadelphia information at the new Visitor's Center.
Charlotte in Pa, 2:55 PM | link | 0 comments |


Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.
Sue and I at Love Park in Philly. I think I'm in looooooooove!
Charlotte in Pa, 2:53 PM | link | 0 comments |

City Hall

City Hall
Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.
Driving on Market Street towards Philadelphia City Hall.
Charlotte in Pa, 2:51 PM | link | 1 comments |

William Penn

William Penn
Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.
This statue of William Penn sits on top of City Hall. For many years it was against the law to construct a building taller than the feather on William Penn's hat. That law was revoked in the late 70s/early 80s. Because of this, Philadelphia is a much "flatter" city than cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, etc.
Charlotte in Pa, 2:43 PM | link | 3 comments |


Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.
We tried to go see the Liberty Bell, but it was closed. We peeked through the glass, though.. and Charlotte got this great shot with an American flag and Independence Hall in the background. By the way, our blog is www.sueandcharlotte.blogspot.com.
Charlotte in Pa, 2:41 PM | link | 0 comments |

Ready to Go!

Ready to Go!
Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.
We couldn't just send TBF off empty handed... so he's on his way complete with a cell phone, a backpack, business cards (to hand out to people who catch you taking photos and want to know what you're doing), and a travel log/guest book! - Charlotte and Sue
Charlotte in Pa, 2:39 PM | link | 0 comments |

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Okay, we are ready to choose a name! We have whittled down all of your fabulous suggestions and put up a poll over there ----->. Please take the time to vote. You can vote once and we will announce the results on Friday the 30th! In the event that more than one person suggested a name, we will award the next turn to the first person who suggested the winner!

Charlotte in Pa, 11:46 AM | link | 7 comments |

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Blog Frog

The Blog Frog
Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.

Charlotte in Pa, 10:45 PM | link | 4 comments |

Building the Frog

Building the Frog
Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.
Charlotte, Jason (Build A Bear uber employee) and Sue
Charlotte in Pa, 10:45 PM | link | 0 comments |

Blogging Already

Blogging Already
Originally uploaded by Charlotte and Sue in Pa.

Charlotte in Pa, 10:44 PM | link | 0 comments |
Sharkey suggested that we have a naming contest, and I think that's a GREAT idea! Please submit your suggestions in the comments. It should work with " _______ the Blog Frog" We'll pick our favorites and put up a poll. The winner will receive the frog after Kristine!

It's hard to name someone that you don't know, so we had the frog fill out the following questionnaire:

Name: You can just call me The Blog Frog for now

Age: No longer a tadpole…

Sex: Androgynous

Religion: Agnostic

Occupation: Professional long jumper

Favorite movie: Reservoir Frogs

Favorite music: Snoop Froggy Frog

Favorite foods: French flies, flied rice

Favorite color: Green

Favorite book: Lord of the Flies

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Diet Croak

Favorite magazine: Better Swamps and Gardens

Favorite alcoholic drink: Grasshopper

Favorite movie star: Kermit

Hobbies: Swimming, fly fishing, fine art (especially Monet’s “Water Lilies”), traveling, and meeting new friends
Charlotte in Pa, 9:31 PM | link | 22 comments |

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well, the adventure is about to begin! Kristine came up with the great idea to have a stuffed animal that we mail from blogger to blogger. Here's how it will work:

- If you are interested in participating, email your name and address to

-Some time this weekend,
Sue&Charlotte will be going to Build-A-Bear to create our new traveling blog friend.

-We will take a picture with the stuffed animal, upload it to the blog, then mail it to Kristine. Kristine will keep it for a week or so, take a picture and upload it to the blog. She will then mail it to the next person in line.

- When you receive the animal, send an email to
BlogProject@aol.com, and I will email you the name and address of the next person in line. I will go in the order the emails are received.

I hope that you'll participate - this should be fun!!
Charlotte in Pa, 8:58 PM | link | 10 comments |